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Do I Have ADD?

ADD and do I have it, is a question you may be asking your self.  ADD is a concern for many youth in America today.  If you have trouble staying focused you may ask yourself what is ADD, do I have it?  You probably have kids in some of your classes that are diagnosed with ADD.  Here is a list of common signs of ADD:

* Are you always losing things?

* Do you struggle with basic rules and norms?

* Are you fidgeting much of the time?

* Have others told you that you are impulsive?

* Is there any history of ADD in your family?

* Do you have a hard time remembering phone numbers of address?

* Do you have a hard time remembering phone numbers of address?

* Do you lose focus sometimes in the middle of a conversation?

Like all of the information on our site, this test does not replace a diagnosis from a Dr. or medical professional.  If you have some of the symptoms listed above, you may want to consider further evaluation.  If you are asking yourself ADD, do I have it?  This list above should give you a pretty good idea, but remember we are not professional Dr.’s but people that have experience working with troubled teens. 

ADD Diagnosing

Add diagnosing should be left to a professional Dr. Psychiatrist, of Psychologist.  There may be some Therapists or others trained to do some pre-screening. When it comes to determining if you should take some type of medication, it is always best to trust the person prescribing it to you.  Obviously a Therapist can not diagnose medication, but the main concept is to find a Dr. that is familiar with ADD and ADHD.  Someone who specializes in something will be better able to pinpoint the problems you are having.  They will be able to determine if you have ADD, ADHD or some other problem.   Life with ADD can be very difficult.  Once the proper medication is prescribed, the person suffering from ADD can live a fairly normal life.  ADD diagnosing and medication can drastically improve the quality of life of the person suffering.