Troubled Teen Options


Comorbid:pertaining to two diseases which occur together, such as ADHD and depression… Never expected to see a reference to ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder when seeking out a definition to present for comorbid. Parents run into that word quite a bit, and it is a word not only used to describe an association of ADHD with depression, but also with ODD or Oppositional Defiance Disorder. As any parent who has investigated any of the above conditions is well aware, they often do present together. But how can you distinguish one from the other?

Description Of ODD

“It’s important not to rush to judgment…normal adolescent behavior is all about testing limits… However, kids with ODD don’t display these behaviors simply in response to a change. In these children, troublesome behaviors go beyond normal adolescent rebellion. Indicators that a child may have ODD include behavior that is hostile, defiant, violent, angry, or blaming; is displayed in more than one venue; is ongoing for at least six months; is persistent even in the face of consequences, and impacts the adolescent’s functioning. “ODD is a multifactorial complex involving psychosocial, community, and attachment and parenting issues,” said Blackburn. It frequently coexists with other conditions, such as anxiety, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and substance abuse. “Teasing out those other issues can be difficult,” said Blackburn. “If your interventions for ODD aren’t having the expected response, that’s a red flag to look for something else.” (source) By Ann Walker