Troubled Teen Options

ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, are four words that can send parents of troubled teenagers into a definite panic. Once the teen has been diagnosed, how do parents know that the therapy that they embark on is the right course for their teen? ADDitude Magazine has a comprehensive piece, linked below, on how to choose the right therapist and therapy. -Attitude Mag-

Questions You Should Ask

Does the therapy target the problems that are getting in my childís way? Keep in mind what you are targeting. What skills do you want him to gain, or which behaviors would you like to decrease? How will we know if itís working? Ask this question during an initial evaluation. How does the therapist decide? What kinds of assessments are done at the beginning, and how often is the child reassessed? What if it isnít helping? Can you trust the therapist to let you know if she believes that the program isnít working or that she and your child arenít a good match? How much commitment is required? Is there any danger in stopping the program cold turkey if it isnít effective? If itís group therapy, how important is it for your child to stick it out for an entire semester or year? How would it affect other kids in the group if she didnít? How long will it take? Is my child the right age? There is good evidence to suggest that, the younger the age you start addressing troublesome behaviors, the better progress the child will make. (ADDitude Magazine) By Ann Walker