Troubled Teen Options

ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder Good heavens, it seems like you just can’t live without it! No sooner does a child or teenager get diagnosed, and then their parents recognize the same symptoms in themselves. How many parents came to the realization of their own ADD after having discovered their teens? Even those who resist. I confess - my youngest son’s diagnosis resolved lifelong distress for me. Finally, a reason for my madness. Yet - I resisted acknowledging it. As did my older son who was diagnosed in adulthood - he wanted nothing to do with it, seemed to him like a cop-out. And then of course, mental health professionals are on both sides of the debate, exhorting parents to medicate, others saying there is no medical proof that the condition exists. Let them squabble. Us parents and our troubled teens are muddling along just fine without them. And folks are making reasonable choices for treatment.

Prescriptions And ADHD

My son used Adderrall for a time but came to the decision that he wanted to train himself to deal with ADHD without it. The diagnosis gave him the freedom to finally address his procrastination, disorganization and lack of focus, up front. And that is the main point for parents. Whether ADHD is a figment of the pharmaceutical companies collective imaginations or a confirmed disorder, it’s symptoms are real enough. Parents now have many pathways available to them as they seek to bring order to their kids lives, and their own. “When ADHD is managed, a parent can serve as a role model who can make the well-being of both child and family a priority. Together, they can focus on living with ADHD and getting it under control…” (source) By Ann Walker