Troubled Teen Options

Christian Schools

Every state has different rules and regulations regarding boarding type schools Some people seeking teen help have wondered about the regulations associated with opening a boarding school or teen boot camp. We have observed that there are several levels of licensing required to open a boarding school, a military school, or a teen evaluation center. There are various classifications of what the school will be doing, and what they will be offering. There are classifications as to the types of students they will facilitate, and degrees of restraint they will be allowed to use. This information can be helpful to a parent that is considering placing their troubled teen in a school. If you are curious if a school you are interested in has the obtained the proper licensing you should be able to see a copy of the license they are operating under. You can then look on line at the state regulations associated with the type of license that they have obtained. This will help you identify if the school has met the requirements necessary to operate under the particular license they have.


In our opinion some states allow Christian Boarding Schools to operate under a different set of guidelines than other boarding schools. This presents an interesting situation of trying to determine if the school was originally a Christian Boarding School or if it became a Christian school to obtain an easier set of guidelines. We are not opposed to Religious Freedom in any way but find the dual guidelines interesting.