Troubled Teen Options

Military Schools And Troubled Teens

There are troubled teenagers, and then there are teenage murderers. There are teens who will defy their parents and are definitely candidates for military teen boot camps, but they would never cross the line and take a human life. What differentiates the teen who can be rehabilitated from the teen who can not be reached no matter how hard you try. That debate rages in many countries across the globe as teen violence seemingly is escalating to the point where governments are reevaluating how to prosecute teen killers and rapists. “A 14-year-old Medicine Hat girl who was convicted of murdering former Sudbury resident Marc Richardson, along with his wife and eight-year-old son in April 2006… This summer the girl, who was 12 at the time of the murders, was found guilty of killing three people, an act that was brought to fruition with the help of her then-boyfriend, 24-year-old Jeremy Allan Stein….”


What is telling are the comments that follow the article, with so many falling on the side of those who hold that teens who commit violent and heinous crimes do not deserve to be treated differently than an adult capable of the same. The girl above will be out in ten years. There is no justice for victims, only for criminals. “Their times to bring in capital punishment these youths are getting a slap on the wrist. What about the victims and their families want these youths or any type of criminal intent to have the peace of knowing that the crime fitted the sentence. Justice should be served !!! We’re all fed up with young offenders being coddled by our system and the outrageous soft sentences they receive. Why aren’t the politicians listening? (Unknown source) By Ann Walker