Troubled Teen Options

Boarding School Benefits

There are good reasons for the existence of boarding schools for troubled teens.When teens maliciously and purposely inflict harm on others, there should be appropriate punishment and rehabilitation before such callous indifference eventually becomes depraved indifference and claims a few lives. If you read enough articles, such as the one below, you get the feeling that troubled teenagers are coming of age with some basic humanity lacking. Is it the violence in the video games, the media, the music? What deprives a teen of common decency and basic empathy? Fortunately, the teens described below picked the wrong teenagers to abuse. “Two 15-year-old girls suffered minor injures when they were shot by teens wielding pellet guns as the girls got off a school bus in North Bend Tuesday afternoon.


The two girls… were getting off their bus around 3:15 when they were shot…The shooters chased after them… with two of the four people inside continuing to shoot at the girls while they ran… …the father of the girl whose home they were running to is a Washington State Patrol trooper and former Navy SEAL. As the girls ran inside the house yelling, the trooper…jumped in his patrol car and chased the shooters. With the trooper following, the teens ran into a dead end… The trooper stopped the car and held the teens at gunpoint while he waited for backup. Merrill said all four teens admitted to the shooting, and said they all have criminal records and …one had already been suspended for allegedly bringing a weapon to school. Merrill said the teens told the trooper they thought it would be fun to drive around and shoot people.” (unknown source) By Ann Walker