Troubled Teen Options

Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Meadowlark Academy

Meadowlark Academy is an all girls boarding school that has been open for 4 years. Meadowlark Academy is proud to offer services for troubled teen girls. We believe that a program that combines structure, skill building, guided decision making, and group interaction, all facilitated by skilled and caring staff, create benefits before unseen by the student.

Meadowlark Academy offers the following:

* Year round enrollment

* Positive Peer Culture

* Dog Training Program

* Special Education Plan

* Cognitive Self Change

* Located In Small Rural Country Town

MeadowLark Academy - All Girls Boarding School

Tipton Academy

Tipton Academy is an all boy's boarding school located in Tipton Kansas. Tipton Academy employs Positive Peer Culture as their focused program approach. This discipline has a long and successful history. Tipton Academy incorporates the basic components from this discipline. Tipton Academy realizes that punishment for an inappropriate behavior leads to resentment and rebellion of the rules, and does nothing to replace the inappropriate behavior with pro-social behavior.

Tipton Academy offers the follwing:

* Year round enrollment

* Positive Peer Culture

* Dog Training Program

* Great Academic Program

* Special Sports Activities

* Located In Small Rural Country Town

Tipton Academy - All Boy's Boarding School

Some teens have a tough time in regular schools and because of academic, phsycological, emotional, or other issue, may need another option. That is when boarding schools for troubled teens can benefit families.

If you are having trouble disciplining your teen you can find a boarding school designed specifically to meet your teen's needs. Keeping them in school can lead to more problems, and troubled teens often drop out of school altogether. In a boarding school for troubled teen they will receive individual attention, more intervention, and assistance with their challenges.

In a boarding school your teen will not be the one who sticks out. They will be with others who experience some of the same problems. They won't be judged for their problems, but instead reached out to. That can help them regain confidence and find motivation to improve academically and socially.

Boarding schools for troubled teen offers a highly structured and disciplined environment. It's true for teens, children, and adults that learning is slowed when they lack a stable emotional life.

Stronger discipline is used at first along with interventions to establish a foundation for your teen - one in which they can learn. However, your teen will be shown love, dedication, respect, and attention that usually isn't possible in a traditional school atmosphere.

Many parents of troubled teens do not realize the wide variety of boarding schools available. Here are some types of schools for troubled teens:

  • Behavior modification schools (brat camps, etc)
  • Christian boarding school (they approach the problem with a spiritual perspective)
  • Military boarding school (these are highly regimented)
  • Therapeutic boarding school (meant to address emotional and behavioral problems specifically)

ADHD boarding school (a controlled environment to address attention deficit disorder and foster self-esteem building)

One important component is the supervision your teen will get around the clock. This way your teen does not have opportunities to engage in old behaviors. When school ends teens can go back to their friends and all the progress from the day is lost. Removing that option can help them adjust to new ways of behaving - ways that will benefit their life and futures.

Now that you can see how many options there are, you can begin to consider how a boarding school for troubled teen can benefit you and your family.


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