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Troubled Teen Boarding Schools are not found in every state. Every state has a unique set of laws associated with holding teens against their will. Some states will allow a youth to refuse service as young as age twelve. Many states still allow parents to make choices for their teens up until they reach the age of eighteen. There are no states that we know of that will permit parents to place an 18 year old against their will.

Troubled Teen Help for Parents

If you are looking for a troubled teen boarding school in Connecticut and there is not one listed here, please give us a call and we will assist you with the closest school to you that we have in our database.

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Connecticut State Information

Connecticut is a state located in the New England region of the northeastern United States. The state borders New York to the west and south (Long Island by sea), Massachusetts to the north and Rhode Island to the east. Southwestern Connecticut is considered part of the immediate New York metropolitan area, and three of Connecticut's eight counties—including the majority of the state's population—are in the New York City combined statistical area, commonly referred to as the Tri-State Region. The center of population of the state is in Cheshire, New Haven County, also within the Tri-State Region.[9] Connecticut is the 29th most populous state, with 3.4 million residents, and is ranked 48th in size by area, making it the 4th most densely populated state. Called the "Constitution State," Connecticut has a long history dating from early colonial times and was influential in the development of the federal government. Connecticut's first European settlers were Dutch and established a small settlement in present-day Hartford at the confluence of the Park and Connecticut Rivers called Huys de Goede Hoop. Initially, Connecticut was a part of their North American colony, New Netherland, which included much of the land between the Connecticut and Delaware Rivers. Today, much of the former colony lies in what is now known as the Tri-State Region.

Useful State Numbers And Information

* For emergencies in most areas dial 911

* Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-842-2288

* Department of Children and Families 505 Hudson Street Hartford, CT 06106 Ombudsman's Office 860-550-6301 or toll-free 866-637-4737

* 24-Hour Emergency and Information Phone Numbers Emergency Spill Reporting 860-424-3338 or 866-DEP-SPIL (866-337-7745) Toll Free

* Other Emergencies Mosquito Information 866-WNV-LINE 866-968-5463 Toll Free

* State Parks Information (Including Swimming Area Report) 866-287-2757 Toll Free

* Daily Air Quality Index 860-424-4167 Daily Air Quality Index/Clean Air Hotline 800-249-1234 Toll Free Hazardous Waste Disposal Site Info Line 800-548-8660 Toll Free 8:30am to 4:30pm only