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Teen Boarding Schools In Florida

Troubled Teen Boarding Schools are not found in every state. Every state has a unique set of laws associated with holding teens against their will. Some states will allow a youth to refuse service as young as age twelve. Many states still allow parents to make choices for their teens up until they reach the age of eighteen. There are no states that we know of that will permit parents to place an 18 year old against their will.

Troubled Teen Help for Parents

If you are looking for a troubled teen boarding school in Florida and there is not one listed here, please give us a call and we will assist you with the closest school to you that we have in our database.

Teen Schools

Heritage Boys Academy

Heritage Boys Academy is an all boys Christian boot camp that has been open for 16 years. Heritage Boys Academy is proud to offer services for troubled teen boys. We believe that a program that combines military structure, respecting authority figures, all facilitated by God and the bible will change any defiant teen.

Heritage Boys Academy offers the following:

* 12 month enrollment

* Strict military training

* Education and diplomas

* Strong Christian beliefs

* Cognitive Self Change

* Learn responsibility and high self esteem

* Attitude about life and God will change.

If your are interested in Heritage please give us a call today. 800-874-8495

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Florida State Information

Florida is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States, bordering Alabama to the northwest and Georgia to the northeast. Much of the land mass of the state is a large peninsula with the Gulf of Mexico to the west and south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Most of Florida has a humid subtropical climate; southern Florida has a tropical climate. Florida was named by Juan Ponce de León, who landed on the peninsula on April 2, 1513. Florida is the fourth most populous state in the U.S.

Useful State Numbers And Information

* For emergencies in most areas dial 911

* Abuse Hotline 1-800-96ABUSE (962-2873) TDD: 1-800-453-5145 FAX: 1-800-914-0004

* ACCESS Response Unit 1-866-76ACCES (762-2237)

* Adoption Information 1-800-96-ADOPT (962-3678) 1-904-353-0679 (out of Florida)

* Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-500-1119

* EBT Customer Service 1-888-356-3281

* Emergency Financial Assistance for Housing Program 1-877-891-6445

* Food Stamp Fraud Hotline 1-866-76ACCES (762-2237)

* Report Public Assistance Fraud Online SunCap Hotline 1-866-762-2237