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Troubled Teen Boarding Schools are not found in every state. Every state has a unique set of laws associated with holding teens against their will. Some states will allow a youth to refuse service as young as age twelve. Many states still allow parents to make choices for their teens up until they reach the age of eighteen. There are no states that we know of that will permit parents to place an 18 year old against their will.

Troubled Teen Help for Parents

If you are looking for a troubled teen boarding school in Tennessee and there is not one listed here, please give us a call and we will assist you with the closest school to you that we have in our database.

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Tennessee State Information

Tennessee is a state located in the Southern United States. In 1796, it became the sixteenth state to join the Union. The capital city is Nashville, and the largest city is Memphis.

Tennessee borders eight other states: Kentucky and Virginia to the north; North Carolina to the east; Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi on the south; Arkansas and Missouri on the Mississippi River to the west. Tennessee ties Missouri as the state bordering the most other states. The state is trisected by the Tennessee River. The highest point in the state is Clingmans Dome at 6,643 feet (2,025 m).[2] Clingmans Dome, which lies on Tennessee's eastern border, is the highest point on the Appalachian Trail. The state line between Tennessee and North Carolina crosses the summit. The lowest point is the Mississippi River at the Mississippi state line. The geographical center of the state is located in Murfreesboro. The state of Tennessee is geographically and constitutionally divided into three Grand Divisions: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee. Tennessee features six principal physiographic regions: the Blue Ridge, the Appalachian Ridge and Valley Region, the Cumberland Plateau, the Highland Rim, the Nashville Basin, and the Gulf Coastal Plain. Tennessee is home to the most caves in the United States, with over 8,350 caves registered to date.

Useful State Numbers And Information

* For emergencies in most areas dial 911

* State Website

* Driver License (615) 741-3954 Web Site

* Child Support 1-800-838-6911 Web Site

* Health Boards 1-800-778-4123 Web Site

* Dept. of Revenue (615) 253-0600 Web Site

* Unemployment (615) 253-0800 Web Site

* TennCare Fraud 1-800-433-3982 Web Site

* State Employee Phone Directory (615) 741-3011 Web Site

* TennesseeAnytime Help Desk (615) 313-0300 or 1-866-8TN-EGOV

* TennesseeAnytime Help Desk (615) 313-0300 or 1-866-8TN-EGOV