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Troubled Teen Boarding Schools are not found in every state. Every state has a unique set of laws associated with holding teens against their will. Some states will allow a youth to refuse service as young as age twelve. Many states still allow parents to make choices for their teens up until they reach the age of eighteen. There are no states that we know of that will permit parents to place an 18 year old against their will.

Troubled Teen Help for Parents

If you are looking for a troubled teen boarding school in Virginia and there is not one listed here, please give us a call and we will assist you with the closest school to you that we have in our database.

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Virginia State Information

The Commonwealth of Virginia is an American state on the Atlantic Coast of the Southern United States. The state is known as the "Old Dominion" and sometimes as "Mother of Presidents", because it is the birthplace of eight U.S. presidents. The state is geographically shaped by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay, home to much of the state's flora and fauna. The capital of the commonwealth is Richmond, Virginia Beach is the most populous city, and Fairfax County is the most populous political subdivision. The state population is over seven million.[5] The roots of Virginia trace back to the founding of the Virginia Colony in 1607 by the Virginia Company of London as the first permanent New World English colony. Slavery played a significant role in Virginia's early economy and politics. Virginia became one of the Thirteen Colonies in the American Revolution and subsequently joined the Confederacy in the American Civil War, during which the state of West Virginia separated. Although traditionally conservative and historically part of the South, modern Virginia is a politically competitive state for both major national parties.[6] Virginia has an economy with several sectors, including agricultural production, such as the Shenandoah Valley, federal agencies in Northern Virginia, such as The Pentagon, and military bases in Hampton Roads, home to the region's main seaport. The growth of the media and technology sectors have made computer chips the state's leading export, with the industry based on the strength of Virginia's public schools and universities.[7] College sports are followed by many across the state. Areas where the state has lagged behind include obesity prevention and environmental protection.

Useful State Numbers And Information

* For emergencies in most areas dial 911

* State Website


101 N. 14th Street, Richmond, VA 23219
INFORMATION 804-225-3038
VOICE/TDD 804-371-8588
FACSIMILE 804-371-8587
Director 804-225-3045
Assistant Director 804-371-0223
Policy Analyst (Manuals Coordinator) 804-225-3051
Public Records 804-225-3095
Agency Payroll and Benefits Accounting Officer 804-225-3037
Human Resources and Training 804-225-3181
Director 804-225-2244
Assistant Director, Accounting Operations 804-225-2376
Assistant Director, Compliance and Accounting Procedures 804-371-6037
Supervisor, Disbursement Review 804-225-2384
EDI Hotline 804-692-0473
Treasury Loans Coordinator 804-225-2713
Facsimile 804-225-4250
Director 804-225-2414
Assistant Director, Financial Reporting 804-225-3136
Assistant Director, Financial Reporting 804-225-2111
Assistant Director, FAACS & Indirect Cost 804-225-2257
Indirect Cost Coordinator 804-225-3804
Accounts Receivable Coordinator 804-371-7807
CMIA Coordinator 804-371-7808
Facsimile 804-225-2430
Director 804-225-2380
Assistant Director, ARMICS, Decentralized Review, Training 804-225-4366
Assistant Director, Quality Assurance 804-786-0256
Director 804-225-2245
Assistant Director, State Payroll Operations 804-371-7800
Assistant Director, Charge Card Administration 804-371-7804
Supervisor, Benefits Accounting 804-371-8912
Supervisor, Payroll Production 804-371-7799
Direct Deposit Hotline 804-225-3081
Facsimile 804-225-3499
Director, Payroll Service Bureau 804-225-2270
State Internal Auditor 804-225-3106 x23
Fraud/Waste/Abuse Hotline 800-723-1615
Director, Systems Development 804-225-2371
Programming Supervisor 804-225-2347
Director, Technical Services 804-225-2645
Computer Room 804-225-3089