Troubled Teen Options

Boot Camps and Brat Camps

Troubled teen boot camps and brat camps are hot topics for troubled teens today New to the field of finding help for troubled teens is the term "Brat Camps". Just as the name implies brat camps are options for parents with spoiled children that are in need of a change of pace. The brat camp featured on ABC was very helpful for the teens that participated in it. This type of program is also referred to as a wilderness camp. The organization featured on television has been around for several years and has had success in helping families with troubled youth. For those whose children may not react well to this type of help there are still the traditional military schools, alternative schools, private schools, boot camps, and youth programs that may be helpful.

Families and Programs are all Different

Each family and child has unique needs and desires. It is difficult for any program to fulfill the needs of every child and every family. To find the best type of teen help for your child it is important to understand what methods each of the programs offering help for troubled teens are using. Some operate on peer pressure; others are more along the lines of military style pressure, and some use a combination of several types of methods. Some youth programs include therapy and some just use behavior modification.

What is meant by the term "Teen Boarding Schools"?

The term teen boarding school is used to describe a multitude of different placement options. Private Schools would fall into this classification, as would residential youth programs, alternative schools, military schools, and boot camps. Sometimes finding the best teen help requires a lot of time and research. Teen Boarding Schools in the context we are discussing would refer more to programs that specialize in dealing with troubled teens, or youth in need of closer supervision. Many of these teens are not doing well in school at home, and have either been kicked out of school, or are failing. Teen boot camps are also a phrase that should be discussed when discussing possible options for troubled teens. Teen boot camps with former military personnel are employed to regularly confront and help spoiled children that are in complete defiance of authority. We do not believe in the in your face style of teen help we prefer a more steady long term approach.