Troubled Teen Options

Out Of Control Teens

“Kyle” is an 18 year old troubled teenager who, while tripping on LSD and other drugs, attempted to rob a home, stabbing an 8 year old girl in the neck, then stabbing the mother as she tried to stop him. He was stopped and held by the father until police arrived. The article, sadly enough, is nothing new. You can get on the internet and find a similar drug induced, teen murder in city after city, day after day. In the comments, everyone is asking the same questions, everyone wondering why the teen wasn’t stopped before he progressed so far down such a dark road. Military teen boot camps? Brat camps? According to the comment below from someone who knew Kyle’s family, they ran into the same walls so many parents run into.


“To Kyle’s parents: You both tried so hard to help him get better and were great parents. You can raise them the best you can but in the end when children grow up they have their own lives to be responsible for. There is nothing more you both could have done. You sent him to all the so called places that could make him better. In the end we all make our own choices. When you did get the law enforcement involved many times they said there was nothing they could do with him “long term”. (unknown source) The rest of the comments are a good indicator of the mood of people across the country; frustration, anger, and cynicism. “Drugs are no excuse. They are a choice. When the perp first took drugs, he knew the potential for addiction and at least started when he wasn’t high. But — some defense lawyer will try to blame the drugs, just as they blame the guns.” (unknown source) By Ann Walker