Troubled Teen Options

Brat Camps And Prison

I imagine this is one young man who wish he had been sent to brat camps or boot camps before he racked up nine probation violations. That is a lot of hand slapping that could have possibly been avoided if the first offense was dealt with effectively. But then, some troubled teens simply do not respond to therapy or discipline until they have the book thrown at them. “Originally arrested for marijuana distribution, Anderson has repeatedly pleaded guilty to violating his probation by drinking, using drugs and stealing from family members. Gardner’s sentencing order, released Friday, sentences Anderson to the year in jail, with the opportunity to seek a deferral of five months if he “meaningfully” participates and completes “all programs” recommended by county jail staff. He is also required to remain of good behavior while incarcerated and to make arrangements for acceptance into an inpatient substance abuse program following his release. […]


“He’s had more opportunity than anyone I’ve ever seen,” Ross told the court, while asking that Anderson serve a year. “He’s been given every opportunity at treatment. The supports are there but he just hasn’t availed himself to them. Unfortunately, I just see this as a continuing cycle.” (source) It’s a “continuing cycle” which the judge is very serious about ending. Luckily, other than the young man’s family who had to watch their budding baseball star ruin his life, there were no other victim’s of this man’s drug abuse. The judge has given him a tough schedule to follow. Perhaps loosing almost two years of his youth to incarceration and rehab will finally produce the cure. By Ann Walker