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How Common Is Conduct Disorder?

There are some who wonder if there is prevention for ADD and ADHD. This question is difficult to answer. With the introduction of Ritalin many school teachers and councilors are insisting that children who display symptoms of ADD or ADHD are given some type of medication before they can come to school. It is interesting that along with the list of immunizations currently required to allow a child to attend school Ritalin and others may also be required. Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADD, and ADHD have all become a common diagnosis in youth and children today. There are some that would say that ADD and ADHD can be prevented by controlling a child’s diet. Still others believe that controlling the diet of the mother while the child is in the womb may have an effect on the child’s behaviors after they are born.


Some people wonder why ADD and ADHD so prevalent today, and not in the past? We do not have the answers to these questions but they do make one wonder. Did those from generations past just learn to deal with ADD and ADHD or did it even exist in the past? There are youth today that do not receive ADD, ADHD treatment of any kind but would definitely test positively for ADD. Does this mean that ADD can be overcome without the help of medication? There are as many unanswered questions surrounding the diagnosis as there are answered.