Troubled Teen Options

Child Family

Child family counseling is an effective way to create plans for a family that may be struggling with basic family structure. In some cases, child family relationships have been strained due the misbehavior of a child. It can be helpful for the family to try some basic concepts, one of which is consistency. For the child and family to get along effectively parents especially need to be on the same page. If one parent is weak and cannot stick to the family rules that are in place, there will be separation between the child and family. Another concept that can be helpful in keeping the child family close together, is a family mission statement. A child may struggle if he or she doesn’t have a clear understanding of what is expected of him or her. The family should spend some time developing a list of acceptable behaviors unique to their household. The family mission statement should be posted where everyone can see it. If possible it is a good idea to have it typed up and framed. Several copies should be distributed throughout the house. If a child is acting out, it can create child family separation. The child that is misbehaving will receive the majority of parental attention. Parent’s that are dealing with a defiant child should be cautious to still give attention to the siblings that are doing what they are supposed to do. A child family situation can be strained when a child begins to behave in such a way as to demand attention. Parent’s should seek some type of help and counseling, if the problem seems to escalating.

Child Teens

There can be some very positive times in a family when a child teen begins to transition into adulthood. The child teen will usually begin to develop and mature in physical ways. It is important that the child teen understand the changes their body will be going through. If the child teen is informed, they will not be apprehensive about going through puberty. The child teen will also be going through some emotional changes. It is equally important to explain this to them also. The challenges of growing up in today’s society can be pretty scary if the child teen is left to him or herself. Parents should take time on a regular basis to keep the lines of communication open. If the child teen is comfortable talking to their parent, they will come to the parent when they have a question or a problem.

ADHD Child School

The ADHD child school is basically what it sounds like. An ADD child school can be either residential or a day school. In either case, a good ADHD child school will be equipped to deal with a child that lacks the ability to stay focused. Most ADHD child schools will try to break up the day with many small activities to help a child that can not stay on task too long. ADHD child schools are scattered across the country. Other search terms for this type of school are Specialty Schools and Specialty Boarding Schools. If parents are seeking an ADHD child school for a defiant teen, they will also look under Troubled Teen Boarding Schools or Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens. Some parents have been able to get help in day schools rather than boarding options. If it is really only an ADHD child school that is needed and not a specialty school, the price will usually be much less. Medication may also be an alternative to an ADHD child school. There are many new medications being developed constantly that can help a child with ADHD.

Alternative Prevention

Alternative prevention can save a family from having to place their child in some type of specialty program. Alternative prevention can include any of the following concepts:

* Home Contract

* Open communication between parent and child

* Family mission statement

* Drug prevention programs

* Close parental supervision

* True desire to help your child succeed

Alternative prevention can be much simpler and much less costly than placing a child outside of the home. The old adage an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure was coined by Benjamin Franklin many years ago. An ounce of alternative prevention could also be used in the same vein. It is so easy to communicate with your child when they are small. If a parent can keep the lines of communication open, they will definitely be providing alternative prevention. Another form of alternative prevention can be a home contract or a family contract. This is basically an agreement between parents and children and what is expected of each of them. Sample agreements can be found on this site. If a teen is expected to comply with family norms, they will have to know what they are. A family contract like a family mission statement will be invaluable, especially if the parents comply with the family mission statement. Every parent wants their child to succeed. The parent will need to assist the teen in deciding what success looks like for the teen. Once the success or goal is defined a plan can be developed. If the parent and teen work together on this, they will grow closer together. Be specific, make many small achievable goals, and make a big deal when they are achieved. This enthusiasm will rub off on the impressionable teen, helping them develop a greater desire to be successful. In conclusion it is much easier to work on alternative prevention, than to try to correct negative behaviors.