Troubled Teen Options

Child Parents

Child parents relationships usually start off well and often times disintegrate after the child turns into a teenager. Parenting skills are not taught in most schools, parenting is not a required class in most colleges. This leaves child parents relationships to be built as they go. Many parents get caught up in work and neglect their parental responsibilities. This leaves a void, and it is common knowledge that a void will always be filled. The parental void is usually filled by the friends of the child.

A child parentís relationship that is filled with advice from peers can be a dangerous situation. The child or teen will receive information that is less than credible. Even though teens have friends that act and talk like they know a lot they really donít. This misplaced trust can create problems if left unchecked. Some of the sexual advice given from peers could result in a teen pregnancy. This immediately puts the teen in a situation that will require adult intervention.

Child Statistics

Child Statistics on this website :

Thirty eight percent of all births in 2006 were to unmarried women. Ninety two percent of the births were teenagers 15-17 years of age. The percentage of children under age 18 living with two married parents fell from 77 percent in 1980 to 68 percent in 2007 In 2007, 23 percent of children lived with only their mothers, 3 percent lived with only their fathers, 3 percent lived with two unmarried parents, and 4 percent lived with neither of their parents. The above child statistics are very informative when looked at a little more closely. With only 68% of children living in a home with two married parents, the family dynamics have changed dramatically in the last 20 years. The 32% of children without two parents may be facing some of the following problems.

* No supervision when they get home from school

* The single parent working extra to make ends meet leaving the child unattended much of the time

* The child may be unable to participate in sports or after school activities

* The child is left to receive advice from their friends or their friends parents

About Child Care

There is much to learn about child care and rearing. It is especially difficult for a single parent to accomplish everything that is required of them. Many single parents struggle just to make it through the day, with little energy or time to think about child problems that come up from day to day. The most important thing to remember about child care is, nothing can replace the time spent with your child.