Troubled Teen Options

Christian Boarding Schools

One option parents of troubled teens may seek is commonly referred to as a Christian Boarding School. The name pretty well describes what goes on there. A Christian Boarding School takes students that are interested in becoming better Christian’s and receiving an education at the same time. The students in this type of setting will be held to a higher standard than students attending private or public schools. There are modest dress and grooming standards, as well as behavior and grade minimum standards.

Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

For Christian parents looking for help for a troubled teen there are some Christian Boarding Schools that work with troubled teens. The teen attending may not voluntarily be attending, but he or she will be held to the same standards and minimums as those that want to be there. In some cases, there are Christian Boarding Schools for well behaved children and those that specialize in troubled and defiant youth. Some people desire so much for their children to believe the same way they do, that they send them to a Christian Boarding School. The parents hope their child will convert to Christianity. This may seem like a good plan, but it can backfire on the well wishing parent. Each person has the inherent ability to choose how and what they will believe. To force anything, especially personal beliefs on someone, usually does not work. It can create a situation of resentment and hatred toward the person forcing their beliefs.

Christian Schools

Christian Schools are established across the country. They differ from Christian Boarding Schools in that the Christian youth does not actually live on site. The students live close enough that they can attend the school and receive their education in a Christian environment. The Christian School like the Christian Boarding School will have minimum standards that need to be complied with. Another name for Christian Schools are Private Christian Schools. The Church owned school usually does not come under state scrutiny, as long as the children are receiving an education. In some areas Christian Schools are sought after as they have higher standards and the education received there can actually be a better quality.

Christian Help

Christian Help is a search term commonly used when a Christian parent is seeking help for a troubled or defiant youth. Some Christian parent’s believe that if they send their child to a Christian Help resource, they will be entrusting their child to someone with similar beliefs. It can give comfort to some Christians that their child will be handled with loving care by another follower of Christ. It is important that parents seeking Christian Help do their due diligence, even though the program claims to be Christian, does not mean the claim is true. Another way to look at the problem would require the Christian Help to declare what it means for them to be a Christian. Their declaration may not reflect that of the parent seeking this type of help.

Christian Boarding Schools May Be Wolf Dressed in Sheep’s Clothing

If a parent is relying solely on the fact that a school advertises it self as a “Christian Boarding School” or “Christian Help” it may even cause a red flag to go up. The school may be advertising as Christian to prey on someone that is a Christian. The school may think that the parent will trust the Christian label as one of quality. We are not saying that all Christian Schools are preying on other Christians. What we are trying to say is that parent’s should not mistake the label of Christian School, for quality safe school just because of the Christian label. There have been instances of child abuse, neglect and deaths in Christian Boarding Schools, just like there have in other types of help for troubled teens.

Christian Boarding Schools And State Regulations

In many states Christian Boarding Schools are not required to comply with the state regulations that other boarding schools are required to follow. This opens the door for a poorly run program or a program that may be considered abusive to operate in a state and to go basically unregulated.

Catholic Boarding Schools

Catholic Boarding Schools like other Christian Boarding Schools operate on the premise that it is important to include God in the daily lives of its students. The religious element is an important part of most people’s lives. Catholic Schools have been around for a long time and typically offer a better than average education. Because the school is private, it can hold students to a higher standard just like other Private Christian Schools. If a student doesn’t behave or perform properly, he or she can be expelled.

Boarding In Christian Schools

The level of care provided in a Christian School will determine how much boarding fees are. Boarding Christian Schools divide the time spent during the day between academic and religious education. The benefit of this type of education is that Boarding Christian Schools can influence the student during and after school hours. The Boarding Christian School usually has religious services as part of the daily and weekly education offered. As with any type of boarding situation, it is always important that parent’s visit the potential boarding situation. Parents should investigate any claims filed with the state the school if located in. Parents should also contact references and Better Business Bureaus that might have information about the potential Boarding Christian School.

Religious families will usually find comfort sending their troubled teen to a Christian Boarding School. The Christian Boarding School will typically teach from the Bible as well as the other components of their program. Devout Christians believe that if they send their child to a school professing to be Christian in nature they will be safer than another setting. This belief may be unfounded. In some states Christian Boarding Schools are not scrutinized to the degree that other boarding schools are. This lack of scrutiny can create an unsafe situation for those enrolled in the school. Religion is important to many people; some parents would like their children to have the same convictions they have. In an effort to instill or enforce this desire they sometimes drive their children further away by forcing religion on them. Just because religion is important to the parents does not mean that it will be important to their children. Religion or belief in God is something that can only be felt. It can not be forced; the attempt to force a belief system on someone will drive them further from it. Christian Boarding Schools have a highly structured daily schedule. The schedule will usually include a daily religious service and including Bible study. The behavior standards are also more stringent than other types of boarding schools. The students will not be allowed to swear or take the name of God in vain. Some Christian Schools still use corporal punishment to enforce their rules. On the flip side of the coin, if a teen goes to a Christian Boarding School they may develop a spiritual conviction. There have been many teens that have found religion while attending a Christian Boarding School.