Troubled Teen Options

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A fifteen year old boy tries to hold up a store with a fake gun while wearing a gorilla mask. This teen has been smoking cannabis since he was eleven and was under the influence at the time of his crime. His family, admitting to his drug use, and citing the recent loss of his grandfather to cancer, asked for leniency. What I think these teen needs is to be sentenced to spend time at a military teen boot camp. If his family has been aware of his teen age drug abuse for the last four years and have been unable to stop it, they need help. Read the article and decide for yourself if his punishment fits the crime? “A troubled teenager who waved a replica gun in a shop assistant’s face while wearing a gorilla mask has been spared jail. Peterborough Crown Court heard that the 15-year-old boy from Westwood, terrified the woman as he threatened to shoot if she didn’t hand over cash. But the brave worker at Bader Close stores kept a cool head and pressed the panic button, and the boy fled empty-handed. After watching the incredible scenes on CCTV, recorder Elizabeth McAllister said the “extraordinary events” would normally merit a stint behind bars.


But after hearing of his remorse and checkered past, she handed him a community sentence. Kelly Sayer, of the youth offending service, said he was making good progress and feared jail may prompt a suicide bid. Sentencing him to a 24-month community sentence, recorder McAllister said: “It’s an extremely serious matter that, in normal circumstances, would attract a custodial sentence. “However, after hearing everything about you, it seems to me providing a complex package of supervision and a program to help you deal with the difficulties which have contributed to the extraordinary events seems the better course of action.” (Unknown source) After reading this article I have to wonder what some of the juvenile court systems are thinking. K.D. By Ann Walker