Troubled Teen Options

Teen Dating and Relationships

Teen dating and teen relationships have become pretty complex. Many young people even in grade school have been heard to ask their friends, “Who are you going out with”. In grade school going out with can mean who do they say hi to, or who do they text? For teens it means significantly more. While it is not the easiest or the most popular thing to do we recommend that teens do not go steady. It is more fun to date many different people while in the teenage years, as they will have a life time to be with one partner. If your a teen that is trying to wait untill marriage to have sex we reccommend you don't date steady. Studies have shown that the longer you date the same person you are more likely to be sexual active. If you choose to date someone and be sexually active it's always wise to use condoms of birth control.

Group Dating

It is advisable for teens to date in groups, especially if they are not interested in having sex prior to marriage. It is easier to abstain when kids travel together with other kids with common desires. If a teen is trying to save themselves for their future spouse and they want to avoid getting in a tempting situation, the group date will help them avoid this. Group dating can also be more fun than just going one on one. When there are more kids together there are usually more ideas of fun things to do. It is not uncommon to have groups of 10-16 teens go to a prom or school dance in the same group.

Teens Dating Steady

As we mentioned earlier, we believe it is a healthier situation for teens to date as many different people that they can. A teen will only be a teen once, so it makes sense to experience as much variety in their lives as possible. When a teen grows to maturity and are married, they will settle into a situation where they are with the same person all of the time. It is not that it is bad to be with the same person, just that a variety is good when a teen is young. If a teen has one steady all through their teen years, they will never know how it is to be with another person. This is the reason we believe that a teen who dates many people, will be capable of choosing a mate. Having experienced many types of personalities they will know what kind of man or woman they will want to spend the remainder of their lives with.

Teens and Friends

Teens should befriend as many others as possible also. If a teen spends all of his or her time with one person, they will also miss out on a lot of nice people. It is sad when a teen feels like they can only have one or two friends. The happiest most well adjusted teens are kind to everyone. They are always willing to extend a hand of friendship to someone who is new or that doesn’t have a friend. There will always be one or two best friends, but teens should include as many people in their lives as possible. This will help them become more well rounded and thoughtful.