Troubled Teen Options

The Right Choice

There is never only one right choice of placement options for your troubled teen. Many times we have people that think the best option for their child would be a teen boot camp. When we actually find out how they have come to that conclusion the answers vary. Some people have seen a boot camp or brat camp on television and think it must be good if it works on television. Others have decided that sending their child to a substance abuse treatment program is the best option. While others believe that a traditional military school will work for their child. There are others who feel that a Christian boarding school must be the best option for their child who is a Christian.


All of these parents may be entirely correct in their decisions. That is not to say that the parent that is convinced that the teen boot camp is the best may also find that their child will do great in a Christian boarding school as well. The biggest factor in our opinion in deciding which type of teen help your child is in need of is to follow these steps. 1. Research the school on the Internet, type the name of the school in the search box and read comments on the various websites that come up and weigh the pros and cons of each web sites position. 2. Talk to people at the location your are considering, and ask specific questions about academics, staff to student ratio, complaints against the facility etc. 3. Visit the place your child will be staying, and meet the people he or she will be working with. 4. Listen to your feelings, we believe that parents will know and feel which setting is the most appropriate for their troubled teen if they will take the time to do their homework. This could be one of the most important choices you will make for your child, use caution in finalizing your decision