Troubled Teen Options

Educational Consultants

Educational Consultants or Ed Consultants or ECís are people that specialize in helping parents find appropriate educational option for their children. There are several organizations that Educational Consultants belong to, one of them is called Independent Educational Consultants Association, here is a link to their website EducationConsultants. The advantage to the EC is that they work for, and are paid by the parents of the potential student. This gives the Ed Consultant an advantage over an admissions company that will be paid for by the students they send to a school.

Teen Referral Companies

Many schools receive referrals from companies known as Admissions Companies or Teen Referral Companies. They are usually paid by the school that they refer students to. Some referral companies are open about this fact and others are a little less open about how they are paid. Educational Consultants consider teen referral companies unethical because they receive pay from the schools they refer parents to.

Professional Placement

There are benefits to using a professional placement company, whether it is an EC or a Teen Referral Company. The advantages are the knowledge they have about the industry they work in on a daily basis. For example, if a parent has never heard of the troubled teen industry and begins searching, they will not have experience or knowledge of problems that particular schools may have had in the past. For a person to join the IECA for example, they will have to have visited 100 schools, and have a Bachelorís Degree. This experience and education can be very helpful in finding the best placement possible.

Cost of Using an Educational Consultant

The price for an Ed Consultant can vary from $2,000 per placement to $8,000 per placement. A lot has to do with the length of time an EC has been in the business and the pool of schools he or she works with. Some ECís will also track the placed studentís progress behaviorally and academically. This service may be an additional fee for the parents. Some ECís include everything in one fee up front.

Types of Schools ECís Refer to

Another advantage of working with an EC is the first hand knowledge of the schools they refer to. They will all most always have personally visited any school they recommend. They will know the director and others who work with the students on a daily basis. They would be hesitant to refer to a school that has had or is currently experiencing problems.

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