Troubled Teen Options

Military Schools

“Men and women alike leave VMI taking to heart the words inscribed above the barracks entrance that are attributed to Civil War Confederate general and VMI instructor Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson: “You may be whatever you resolve to be.” Military boarding schools are especially favored by families for whom that motto represents a defining principle in their lives. Self-reliance and a strong will, will bring it’s own rewards. That has proven true for the young women who broke through the all male status at military schools over a decade ago and now are present in military campuses across the nation. “A decade ago, Miller, now 30, set foot on the military school’s post amid a barrage of national media attention not unlike the focus today on the woes of celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Female Cadets Initiation

Dozens of reporters and camera crews watched as incoming female cadets received their military haircuts and entered the rat line, the school’s boot camp-style initiation for freshman cadets. The question on everyone’s mind then — would women be able to hack it at VMI? — seems academic a decade later, even as it resonates for the alumnae who made history.” They have more than “hacked it.” Graduates from a decade ago feel attendance was one of the most powerful choices in their lives. “VMI…left a positive, indelible mark on her life. “I really feel like it had a large impact on the person that I am today and just what I feel I can accomplish,” Miller said. “Especially in the professional world, I feel like I can hold my own.” […] All of the alumnae interviewed for this story have established successful careers. “Part of what put me where I am today and made me who I am today was my experience at the ‘I,’ ” Scott said.” (Unknown Source) complied by By Ann Walker