Troubled Teen Options

Drug Rehab Program

“He had so many other risk factors going, we’re just really, really lucky he got it together before he turned 18. If it weren’t for a successful rehab program, I have no doubt he would be in prison or dead.” As is often the case, a boarding school for troubled teens saved the life of the young man spoken of in the above quote. But not without a debilitating battle that had his mother wondering if she would be forced to pick out music for his funeral before he was 18. Parents and son had to travel a long and arduous road before sobriety took purchase and the young man survived. “By eighth-grade, he was using alcohol and other substances…By ninth grade; he was busted for pot… “He wasn’t addicted,” we thought. He was consistently suspended and eventually expelled from school…. He was depressed and started cutting on himself. We turned to home schooling for lack of a viable alternative… Misbehavior elevated to assault charges and a car accident…He tested positive for coke, amphetamines and THC.

Everything Turned out Great

He went to court for a “minor in possession” charge and he was told to go to rehab for 90 days. He stayed in rehab for six months. He was 6 feet two inches and weighed only 160 pounds when he went. He came home six days before his 18th birthday. Afterward, the counselors suggested he not return to school, but stay at a halfway house. But he was committed to returning to school…. He has been sober for five-and-a-half years. He graduated from college, is working on a master’s degree and is engaged to be married to a wonderful girl.” Unknown source By Ann Walker