Troubled Teen Options

Celebrity Wanted to go to Boarding School

Actress and clothing designed Sienna Miller reportedly begged her parents to send her to boarding school at the age of eight years. Interestingly, Miller did not come from a celebrity family; in fact her parents were hippies who separated when she was six years old. She was born in New York City, but moved to England as a young child. Her father was an American banker who married an English interior designer following his separation to Miller’s mother, a South African acting instructor. The story of Miller’s first eight years sounds almost like a Hallmark made-for-TV movie. Opting to attend boarding school at the age of eight, she said, was a great decision—one of the best she’s ever made. Suppose Miller hadn’t attended boarding school. Would she have become a troubled teen? There’s no way to say as she was so young, but given the experiences in her early years she certainly would have had an excuse for becoming a troubled teen.

Boarding Schools for Troubled Teen Girls

Boarding schools for troubled teen girls and boys are not the same as the glamorous boarding schools meant for promising, wealthy youth. These schools are meant to teach discipline, responsibility and behavior modification where it is desperately needed. They are sometimes seen as a last resort in many families. The cost is often quite high, but I have yet to speak with a parent who regrets sending her teen to such a boarding school. By Kylie Comfoltey