Troubled Teen Options

Free Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

When a person has reached their limit dealing with their troubled teen, many are forced to look outside of the home for help. Some parents just want to be done with the entire situation. This is especially true if the troubled teen is acting out in association with a divorce.

The parents typically have new families, and they don’t want to be bothered with someone who seems determined to create problems where ever they go. For example, if a child from marriage A comes along with one of the parents to marriage B, the new parent in marriage B is unlikely to be very tolerant of the disruptive child, since it is not their biological child. If the parent from a marriage has a new partner, they may be experiencing the same problems. This creates a no win situation for the troubled teen.

Free Boarding Schools

There are always people looking for something free or reduced in price. We are unaware of any free boarding schools. In order to totally understand the lack of free boarding schools, one would have to look at possible ways to fund a free boarding school. When a private organization or a business looks at possible ways to make money there are many factors that come into play. The biggest factor for the majority of companies is what is referred to as the “bottom line”. This is what is left over after all expenses are paid. The bottom line is the profit that a corporation or company makes. Unless they can show a profit they will not be in business very long.

Free Boarding Schools and the Government

One possible source of funding for a free boarding school could be the national government. This would be funded by tax dollars, basically paid for by those who pay income taxes. In order for this type of free boarding school to exist, there would have to be some type of legislation or bill passed by Congress to support such an entity. There may be some Government Sponsored Boarding Schools but we are not aware of any. If the government did sponsor any free boarding schools, the waiting list would be enormous.

Free Boarding Schools and Scholarships

Some people ask if there are any scholarships for troubled teens. It seems like a legitimate question until you take a serious look at who would be interested in funding such a scholarship. Scholarships are usually offered for students who excel, they may even be sponsored by a private company or large corporation. As a country it is in everyone’s best interest to generate as many educated young people as we can. The youth of today are the future of our country. If a troubled teen is failing in school and is refusing to go to school, the question would have to be asked,”who is motivated to help this teen”? It would be better for our country to have him or her educated, then why is no one interested in stepping up to help? The answer may be another question, “who would you rather invest in, someone who wants to learn or someone who won’t even go to school?

Free Boarding School Corporate Sponsored

Previously we mentioned a corporate sponsored free boarding school for troubled teens. In order for a private entity to obtain funding for such a venture they would have to show how it would benefit the corporation’s bottom line. Simply put if there is not return there would be no private funding available. If for example the corporation could take the troubled teen and educate him or her and put them to work at a reduced rate, there may be some interest. The biggest problem with this type of free boarding school goes back to the willingness of the troubled teen. If the teen is non-compliant and unwilling to go to school, why would they be interested in such a venture? If it were possible to create a win win situation for both the corporation and teen seeking a free boarding school, it could work.

Free Boarding School and Liability

Another issue to consider is the liability of a free boarding school. The world today is very litigious and people are constantly on the lookout for an opportunity to sue someone. The bigger the target the more eager attorneys there are that would be willing to take a shot at them. For example, let’s say that a corporation did offer scholarship for free boarding schools for troubled teens. Let’s also say that the teen or the teen’s family felt like their child was abused or mistreated in some way. This opens the door for the corporation to be sued. When a business or corporation is looking for new opportunities to make money, they have to weigh the risks against the benefits. If the risks are substantial, they may decide to put their resources in another venture.

Free Boarding Schools and Reality

In conclusion, the reality the old saying is true;”there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Some people feel that the government should step in and help straighten out the troubled teens. Some people feel that the government should step in and fix everything. In reality the parents are responsible for raising the children they brought into the world. The parents in most cases are responsible for the child’s behavior and their lack of education. If a parent starts when their child is very young and teaches him or her what is right and wrong, the child will be far better off than the child who is left on his own. Too many parents begin to sit up and pay attention to their child when he or she is too old to teach. The best time to teach a child is when they are a child. When a young person becomes a teenager, teaching them anything is much more difficult than when they are sitting on their parent’s lap. The government is not responsible to take care of the troubled teens; the ultimate responsibility is the parents.

Free Boot Camps

Free Boot Camps like free boarding schools are non-existent. We have heard that some states offer free boot camps in association with their juvenile systems. The free boot camps in this case are not ones that most parents would desire. Some states have started charging parents when their teens have to go to this type of previously free boot camp.