Troubled Teen Options

Free Teen Help

In some larger cities we have heard of some free counseling offered to teens in need of advice. Most clergy are interested in helping the youth from their flock. School counselors are also a good resource for parents of troubled teens. There are some inexpensive forms of troubled teen help, but they are not really free, just less expensive than traditional troubled teen boarding schools. There a countless sites on the Internet that offers free advice and counseling tips for parents of troubled teens.

There are some sites sponsored by the government that have free teen help. Here is a great site for free teen help information. This site is the most comprehensive site for free teen help that we know of. There are also links to many other sites offering free teen help accessible from there.

Free Troubled Teen Boarding Schools

We do not know of any free troubled teen boarding schools. There are more and more boarding schools popping up all across America, but none that are advertised as free. If a teen gets in troubled with the law on multiple occasions, he will be eligible for one form of free troubled teen boarding schools. The parents will not be excited about it and they may even be forced to pay for it in some states. The juvenile system has boarding for troubled teens. This option is typically an option that presents itself if the parents take no action. The correctional system is the last place that many parents would like to see their teen associated with.

Less Expensive Forms of Troubled Teen Help

We know of a couple of less expensive ways parents can help troubled teens. If the child is under the age of 14, this parent self help packet is pretty effective and priced under $150. Low Cost Parent Self Help Kit

Another option is found here The Total Transformation this series of Cd’s is for young or old children heading in a negative direction. It teaches parents how to correct the negative behaviors before the child gets too old to correct.