Troubled Teen Options

Girl Issues

Boys and girls issues are different but the issues boys and girls suffer from can be overwhelming to both of them. Girl’s issues are more centered on emotional issues and their feelings. Girl’s issues can sometimes be difficult for boys to understand. This is because boys and girls process information in different ways. Girl’s issues can be perplexing to boys. It is difficult for a boy to deal with a teen girl when she breaks into tears and the boy doesn’t know why. There is a popular book that has been around since 1992. The name of the book is men are from Mars and women are from Venus. It explains why and how men and women are different.

Pregnant Issues

One issue unique to girls is the pregnant issue. This is something that boys will never have to directly worry about. If a boy and girl have pregnant issues, the girl has much more invested than the boy. The pregnant issues she will encounter are life changing and very serious. For the boy the pregnant issues may be pushed onto the girl as he is not the one that s pregnant. He may even break up with the girl to avoid dealing with the pregnant issues she is going through. While this may seem irresponsible and unfair, sometimes teen boys and girls don’t think things out prior to engaging in sex.

Dating Issues

Dating issues usually come into play when boys and girls become high school age. There are many factors that contribute to a teen’s dating issues. Sometimes religion can be a factor in the person they date. Some teens may have racial issues and wouldn’t feel comfortable dating someone of another race. Some wealthy teens may make money a dating issue. For example if a person comes from a family that has money they may have dating issues dating a person that comes from a family with very little wealth. Some dating issues may arise out of something as simple as hygiene. For example if someone is very clean they may have dating issues dating a person that doesn’t shower regularly or brush his teeth. There are many dating issues to consider, basically a person has to decide how much they really want to date someone, and then decide if the negative outweigh the positives.

Teen Girl Abuse Issues

It is sad that many teen girls deal with abuse issues. There are many teen girl abuse issues associated with sexual abuse. It is sad to think that a girl can be abused in what is supposed to be the safety of her own home. Teen girl abuse issues very often go unreported. If you are a teen girl that is being abused either sexually or physically you should talk o an adult that you can trust. If you do not report what is going on to you, someone else may also suffer abuse from your abuser.