Troubled Teen Options

Girls and Fashion

There has always been a connection to girls and fashion. Boys are not as concerned about fashion as girls as, but still are interested in fitting in. There are many factors that can play into girls and fashion trends they adhere to. In some cases girls will sacrifice many things to be in style with the current trends. Some teen girls will get jobs to support their desire to be in fashion while they are in high school. If a girl is so fashion conscious that she has to work just to wear the latest apparel she may need to reevaluate her thinking. It is not a terrible thing to want to fit in and to be in style but like anything moderation should prevail.

Teen Girls Fitting In

There is nothing more important to some teen girls than trying to fit in. For some teen girls fitting in is the only thing they think about. It is sad but true that many teen girls are only interested in being accepted by their peers. If teen girls obsess with fitting in they may need some special counseling and parental input. For some reason many young girls, teen girls, are very insecure and really want to fit in. Some teen girls spend every waking moment thinking of how it would be to be included in the popular circle at school. The reality is that if they really knew the group they were trying to fit into they may not want to fit in at all.

Girls and Peer Pressure

Almost everyone struggles with peer pressure but teen girls seem to be more vulnerable to it than any other age category. Peer pressure is very powerful and it can make people do things that may not seem logical to onlookers. Peer pressure can push teens into behaviors that they may really not be interested in participating in. Some teens will be pressured into drinking or abusing drugs just because everyone is doing it. Most people really don’t want to stand out or be different. The old adage “If everyone else jumped off a cliff would you?” seems just as true today as it was when it was first uttered years ago. Boys and girls and peer pressure are even more of a problem that girls and peer pressure. Boys will usually do anything to impress a girl. This pressure can create some dangerous situations. There have been many boys hurt trying to do something stupid to impress a girl. Girls do not seem to feel the urge to impress boys. Girls and peer pressure are more centered on what girls think of each other. It is humorous to watch girls look at other girls when they enter a room. They usually comparing themselves and might even berate other girls to make themselves feel better. Girls and peer pressure can be a positive motivation if a girl follows the example of someone they admire. For example is a girl is not living up to her potential and starts to stretch herself to follow the lead of a peer, it can be a positive thing.