Troubled Teen Options

Girls Boarding School A Wise Choice

Private boarding schools for girls are, to a degree, a safe refuge from the opposite sex. Alice sent her one daughter to a private co-ed school while she opted to send her youngest to all girls’ boarding schools. The older girl was self confident and held her ground with the opposite sex. Her younger sister, however, displayed a disconcerting tendency to cater to boys, to take what they said to heart. Her mother feared she could easily be talked into something foolish if she became enamored with a young boy. Alice hoped an all girl’s school would give her time to find herself and define her value by different criteria than what the boys valued her for. Given some recent reports regarding couples abuse, Alice was wise to consider her younger daughter’s vulnerabilities.


“…Miller and her research colleagues report that a quarter of the teenage girls interviewed for the study — all of whom had histories of abusive relationships — say their partners were actively trying to get them pregnant. The study is the first in the general adolescent health literature to document the role of abusive partners in promoting teen pregnancy.” Apparently young teen boys, some of them, are attempting to coerce their girlfriends to get pregnant, punishing them for using birth control and forcing them to have sex solely to impregnate them. “We were floored by what these girls told us… “You think of forced sex as an aspect of abusive relationships, but this takes that abuse a step further to reproductive control of a young woman’s body.” (Unknown source) By Ann Walker