Troubled Teen Options

Parents Can Help Their Daughter’s Create a Healthy Body Image

A parent with a teen daughter suffering from low self esteem usually suffers right along with them. Parents can be proactive in helping their daughters. A parent will want to deal with all of the issues surrounding their daughter’s negative self image. This may require counseling, diet, and exercise. A professional counselor will be best equipped to sort through the feelings of inadequacy and low self worth. The counseling process may be lengthy and possibly very expensive. Most insurance companies will probably deny claims for counseling to increase self esteem. Another important component to helping a daughter deal with their body image can be a healthy diet. In the world of a teen today, the norm is fast food for just about every meal. A parent will have to work closely with their teen daughter to help her learn the importance of eating properly. Proper eating habits will be much more believable and accepted by the teen if the parents eat healthy also. In addition to counseling and proper diet, the parents helping their daughter with her body image should consider an exercise program. Some families have been financially able to join a gym close to home. If the parents exercise regularly and take care of their bodies, the teen will more than likely follow their example. In some cities there are city sponsored gyms that can be very reasonable. A healthy self image is very important to the overall success and well being of a teenage girl. If a girl doesn’t feel good about herself, she may be more likely to engage in activities that she wouldn’t, if she had a positive self esteem.

Parent’s Can Help Their Overweight Daughter

One major issue playing into a teenage girl’s low self esteem is usually associated with a weight problem. The weight problem can seriously diminish the teen girl’s life regarding social events and physical activities. Some parents have found success by hiring a nutritionist to work with their daughter. In addition, to become proactive with an exercise program, parents may need to bring in a professional to help establish healthy menus and to actually teach the girl how to eat properly.