Troubled Teen Options

Teen Drop Out

Teen drop outs are labeled as such because they have dropped out of high school. The teen drop out usually has other labels that aptly fit them. The teen drop out is usually defiant, rebellious, a substance abuser, and possibly a gang member.

Teen drop outs will find that they will have a much tougher road ahead of them, than the teen that graduates high school and goes on to college. Teen drop outs will typically earn less in their life time than their peers that stick it out and graduate.

To decide to become a teen drop out is a decision to live a more difficult less rewarding life. The teen drop out is more likely to smoke cigarettes than his graduate counterparts.

Drop Outs and Smoking

It is estimated that approximately 5% of high school students will drop out before they graduate. Dropping out of school and cigarette smoking are closely related. Smokers 16 -17 years old are twice as likely to drop out of school

Drop Outs and College

Many teen drop outs will eventually go back to school and get their diploma or a GED. The GED, Graduation Equivalency Diploma is more widely accepted than it used to be. A drop out that has earned his GED can usually gain admittance into a Jr. College. There are even some full term 4 year colleges that will accept the GED. Without a college diploma, a persons life time earnings will usually be substantially less than that of a college graduate. The sacrifice made to go to college and work to sustain ones self will pay large dividends down the road. A two year degree will assist one is gaining a higher paying job, but the 4 year degree should be the ideal goal for someone looking to improve their financial status. Just because someone gets a four year degree does not insure that they will be financially successful. A person will still need to display honest, integrity, and good work ethic to make a decent income.

Drop Outs and Self Esteem

Drop Outs will usually have a lower self esteem than their peers who graduate. Once a student drops out of high school they will find that they will only be able to obtain minimum wage positions. This coupled with their failure to complete high school, can contribute to their self esteem. If a person has failed at something, it usually creates a feeling of diminished self worth. This feeling will usually accompany the person until they achieve something greater, or conquer the failure from the past. The best way for a person that has dropped out of high school to feel better about them selves is to graduate. There are many places where a high school drop out can get an education. With a little work and perseverance it is not too difficult for someone to go to night school and get their GED. With this obstacle under their belt, the former drop out can proceed with a feeling of confidence that he or she has finished the unfinished task in their past.