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High School Supplies

There are many places where you can find quality high school supplies. It is important to distinguish between textbooks and basic school supplies. There are text book providers that work directly with the school districts. Other high school supplies are taken care of by the students. For example when a student participates in a particular sport they are usually responsible for items associated with the sport they will participate in. If a girl wants to be on the cheerleading squad of pep club they will need to purchase their uniforms in most schools. Some high school supplies are purchased by the individual high school administration. Textbooks for example are bought by the school districts that they are going to. When a student graduates from high school and enter the college arena they will be responsible to buy their own textbooks. It is an eye opener for a first year college student to realize that they will no longer be receiving free high school supplies, specifically textbooks.

List of High School Supplies

Here is a list of high school supplies that should be purchased in preparation for a new school year.

* Pencils, pens

* Pencil sharpeners, pencil replacements

* Pocket folders

* Back Pack

* Paper to cover your books

* Colored Pencils

* Blank lined paper

This list of high school supplies is not conclusive each school usually provides a list of what is needed by students in each grade. Most teachers will also provide a list of items that will be needed for the courses they teach. These lists of high school supplies will usually be given to the students the first week of school. There are always additional lists of high school supplies that come when the course changes at the end of the quarter. Some students may have two or even three lists of high school supplies to fill during a school year. Lists of high school supplies may be available on the schools website. Most schools today have websites and it seems logical that teacher may want to give students a head start obtaining items on the list of high school supplies.