Troubled Teen Options

How is Your Child Doing?

As a parent you may be wondering how your child is doing compared to other teens. You may also wonder if the behaviors they are exhibiting are typical teen behaviors or do they go beyond what it to be expected? Parents are given a special gift that can prompt them if they feel things are just not right. You have raised this little child from a baby. You better than anyone know what is typical and what is not. If you feel that things are just not right, they probably aren’t. There are several parent checklists you can find on the Internet that will help you evaluate what is going on with your teen. We believe the best indicator you have is inside of you, almost a warning system that will alert you when things are not right. There are several keys that you can look for that should send up a red flag if you see them. Here are a few indicators that you should keep in mind.

* Has your teen made a suicide attempt requiring hospitalization in the last 6 months?

* Does your teen have disrespect for authority figures?

* Is your teen despondent and given up all hope?

* Has your teen lost interest in school?

* Does your teen have new friends you haven't met?

* Does your teen seem depressed and sleep a lot?

* Has your teen given up on sports or other previous interests?

* Are your teen's friends are concerned about him or her?

* Has your teen ever returned home drunk?

* Does your teen use marijuana?

* Are there signs of heavier drug use?

* Is your teen huffing?

* Has your teen ever run away?

* Is your teen sexually active?

* Does your teen smoke cigarettes?

* Is your teen removed from family activities?

* Does your teen seem incapable of carrying on a conversation with either parent?

* Does your teen possibly think of suicide?

Choice of Friends

This list is not conclusive and is only a suggested list of items to watch for. If your child has a new group of friends, you should get to know who they are. This is one of the best indicators that your child has changed his or her lifestyle. In many cases they will have two sets of friends. One set for partying and one set for their non partying lifestyle. If a teen has changed his or her circle of friends you should do some investigation. The old positive group of friends he or she has left may be a good place to start. The old group of friends may feel like they have been dumped, and not want to talk to you. They may also be concerned about their friend, and his or her new lifestyle.