Troubled Teen Options

Military Boarding School Teach Honor

A military boarding school operates by a code of honor. Here are examples of some of their tenets. I shall be scrupulously honest in all matters both large and small. I shall tell the truth at all times. I shall keep my body and mind clean and alert. I shall be tolerant of the opinion of others. I shall curtail my own interests and seek what is best for the entire group. I shall actively exert my influence at all times to stamp out lawlessness, harmful gossip, and ruthless destruction of property. I shall abstain from drinking, gambling, obscenity and other forms of vice harmful to my mind and body.

Gangs Provide a Code of Honor

If you do not provide your troubled teenagers with a code of honor, there are plenty of gangs who would like to supply them with their own version of an honor system. If you want your teen to be able to fight the lure of gangs, make sure that they learn about real honor, not gang honors, as exemplified by the following requirements for gang membership. Those with a Blood relative can be “blessed in,” or voted in. Others can be “jumped in” - beaten by other members for 31 seconds. Women can be “sexed in” - have intercourse with members. Recruits may be required to do a “buck-50,” slice at least a 150-stitch slash across a victim’s face. (unknown source) By Ann Walker