Troubled Teen Options

Military School Benefits

You get an understanding of why some families opt to send their teenagers to military boarding school when reading the combined achievements of one family, listed in no particular order, below: “Army colonel and a unit commander, Marine Reserve Officers’ Training Corps scholarship, Coast Guard Academy…commissioned an ensign upon graduation, third-generation of paratrooper, airborne training instructor, bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees, Legion of Merit, a Bronze Star, a Soldier’s Medal for non-combat heroism, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, a Purple Heart and a Combat Infantry Badge…. (Unknown source)

Boarding Schools Offer Military Style Training

There must be something to that military training. And one doesn’t necessarily have to attend a military institution to receive it. It’s the basics that should be present in all education. At one time, they were. Now parents must seek out private teen boarding schools that train teenagers to respect authority, grow in self-discipline, adhere to a code of honor, develop good work ethics and lay a moral foundation. It all seems to add up to brilliant futures and exciting lives for those teenagers who have the spirit and constitution to press through to graduation. The patriarch of the family described here is in Afghanistan, “He’s chasing the bad guys, including the Taliban”. His wife, a retired Army major is presently a teacher. Their children are all achieving and producing in their respective pursuits. It sure beats all the stories of teenagers who end up succumbing to drugs, sex, and rock and roll. They ought to make movies about families like these, but, I’m not holding my breath for that. By Ann Walker