Troubled Teen Options

Military boarding school

Military boarding school is an option for troubled teens or children. They focus on academics like a regular school, but are combined with military style discipline and respect – like a boot camp. A military boarding school is long-term so there is ample opportunity for important and lasting changes in your teen's life.

Brat camps and other programs are more focused on behavioral modification and less on academics. A military boarding school will have military drills and schdules but it's more an academy than a boot camp.

You may wonder why you don't just enroll your child or teen in a regular military school. However, the military is not designed to handle special needs of this group of troubled kids. Yes, there may be reform and discipline in the military – but not to the degree that a teenager who is defiant and has severe behavior problems need.

Additionally a military school is not equipped to handle learning disabilities. Without a therapy component your teen will fail at a traditional military school. You cannot simply break down a teen and then leave them to handle the aftermath. They typically have much deeper needs than the regular enlistee. They will require therapeutic intervention if they are going to overcome the emotional or behavioral problems that are at the source of the problem.

Military boarding schools are good options – preferable to jail or private programs for teens who are angry and defiant. The last thing you as a parent want to see is a quick return to old behaviors. Your teen will not have a lot of down time to get in trouble, nor opportunities. Instead, the environment is monitored and designed for their needs.

If your teen is unmotivated but capable of living a successful life, a military boarding school can be a good option. They will get intensive and consistent therapy both personally and with their peer group.

Regular school or the military are not enough. A military boarding school will focus on creating a positive environment and ways to motivate and boost your teen's self worth. This can have a powerful effect and can produce long term results for troubled teens.