Troubled Teen Options

Military Camps Or Go To Jail

This 17 year old, father of a two year old, can skip military teen boot camps and go directly to jail. That’s what happens when you put a mother of two in a wheelchair with a bullet. But then, the mother, a recovering addict, - and her children- had no business being in the line of fire. But that’s what happens when you are married to a heroin addict, with 3 prior drug busts, who somehow thought buying a dime bag was a family event. “Holliday, 31, was shot during an attempted robbery last Jan. 25. Police said her husband, Bobby, drove his wife and children into [a] public-housing complex to buy heroin, and 16-year-old admitted drug dealer D’Amato Burnett fired a single shot that changed the lives of two families. Yesterday, Burnett, now 17, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the shooting on Phaup Street, which severed Kristi Holliday’s spinal cord and left her paralyzed from the chest down.” (Unknown source)


This sad account could very easily serve as a cautionary tale for teens that need to get a clue about bad choices and the law of unintended consequences. There isn’t a war against teen age drug abuse because adults begrudge their teenagers having a “good time.” What parents understand and teenagers do not is that one “good time” can so easily become a lifetime of hell. This shooting occurred in 2006, but the road to that event began when the addicted heroin buyer was 10 - that’s when he started making poor choices and his criminal record begins. As far as the shooter, described as “a young man…who would just as soon shoot you as look at you…” - he is now on his own in adult prison. And three children? They inherit all of the unintended consequences of their parents’ poor choices. And so does society. By Ann Walker