Troubled Teen Options

Military Camps Or Probation

What is your verdict? Military teen boot camps or probation? Consequences or therapy? A fifteen year old teenager does some internet research on the methadone and hydrocodone pilfered from his family and discovers there is a market for them - his friends and classmates. Instead of applying his zeal for enterprise on something of merit, the teen chooses instead to become a small time dealer, at the same time dispensing irresponsible advice on how many pills his customers should ingest. His advice killed Taylor Marks. Though Marks’ father begged that the teen be sentenced to one of the boot camps or troubled teen programs through the Texas Youth Commission, the judge opted for 10 months probation. “On April 5, just after school ended, Marks and another student were walking through the high school’s courtyard when they were approached by the teen. The teen sold Marks nine to 10 methadone pills, according to the affidavit.


The teen advised Marks to take six because the pills were weak, according to a Euless detective. A few hours later, Marks met two friends at New Life Covenant Church …Marks’ friend noticed that he was moving slowly and stumbling… At that time, Marks told one friend that he had taken six Xanax and three methadone pills and had smoke marijuana, according to the affidavit. Marks later went back to his Euless home, where he was found dead the next morning. “Your negligence has ruined our lives,” an emotional Kenneth Marks said from the witness stand. “I have no hope. No joy. I cry for him every night.” (Unknown source) By Ann Walker