Troubled Teen Options

Normal Adolescent Behavior

Normal adolescent behavior is a very broad term in order to discuss it properly it is important to discuss the word ďnormalĒ. Normal to some families would be an adolescent that throws a tantrum at least once a day and refuses to comply with any parental requests. Normal adolescent behavior to another family might be a child that does everything he or she is requested without asking. These are two obviously extremes. Most of what would be considered normal adolescent behavior will fall somewhere in the middle of these two. It is not unusual for a child to try to determine how far they can push the adults in their lives. This continual testing of parental consistency is part of normal adolescent behavior.

Normal adolescent behavior maybe found in a text book and from official psychological websites on the Internet. In reality our previous comments are probably more in line with what most people are looking for. Normal to you is what you consider acceptable behavior. If your child is totally out of control and refuses to do what you would like, you may reconsider the methods you are using. The single most important factor in raising a productive well adjusted child is consistency. A child need to understand that no means no.

Adolescent Research

Adolescent research continues to evolve. In the 60ís and 70ís the rage was Dr. Benjamin Spock. Spockís adolescent research led him to many conclusions; here are a few of them.

1. Parentís are the true experts on their own children.

2. One size does not fit all with regards to parenting skills.

3. Parentís should be flexible and view their kids as individuals.

We agree with Dr. Spock in that you are the best resource for your child. Each parent has an inherent ability to guide their children. It is important that parents stay involved in their childrenís lives. It is easy to be involved when they are a parentís main responsibility things get difficult when the child has freedom. This is when a parent needs to be involved the most.

Adolescents Behavior

It is easy for others to determine who is responsible for an adolescentís behavior when they are toddlers. It becomes a little easier for a parent to feel removed from an adolescents behavior, but the responsibility is still theirs. If a parent is successfully able to guide an adolescentís behavior in a positive direction they will function more effectively as a teen and adult. An adolescentís behavior is a direct reflection on what kind of parenting the child has had. If parents are unable to get their adolescents behavior under control it is unlikely that the teenís behavior will be any better.