Troubled Teen Options

Teens And Drugs

Sometimes it seems that a good many high schools students ought to perhaps just go ahead and do a stint in schools for troubled teens and get it over with. And take their parents with them. There seems to be no end to the frustration, disgust and fear expressed by parents who are getting very tired of permissive parents and out of control teens. On message boards, in blog comments, in letters to the editors - in city after city the complaints echo across the land. Parents better start doing their job, schools need to reassess many of their policies, and troubled teens best start getting some consequences for all of the troubles that they cause - seems to be the gist of it. This letter to the editor is representative. “Would all of the bad parents please raise their hands? It occurs to me that most people who think they are good parents can’t take time out of their ego-controlled, money- driven lives to care how their children behave in school let alone at home.


As I look around at the behavior of children and realize how miserable most parents are at their “job” I understand why teachers, school administrators and the few good parents are so frustrated. Get over your inadequacies and teach your children some discipline, self-control and respect. You are not your child’s best friend; you are the parent. It is your job to teach manners, morals and life-lessons. Stop trying to place the blame on the education system and start taking on the responsibility of an adult. The reasons our educators have such a difficult time teaching fundamental subject matter is because people fail miserably as parents.” (unknown source) By Ann Walker