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We at Troubled Teen have developed this site as a resource for parents in need of help with their teen. There are many dynamics that come into play with every family. Every family and every child is unique, so it is important that parents research what ever they do extensively. The first step in any decision is information collecting. Without complete information any decision becomes hasty and very difficult. We hope the information on this site will be of help to parents seeking help for their troubled teens. We have divided the site into various categories and tried to supply subcategories with more detailed information. Each page of this site has many links to enable parents to move forward more enlightened and empowered as they become armed with the facts. The parent information contained on this site is not meant in anyway to replace advice from professional Medical Dr.’s or Psychiatrists. Our insight and help come from years of parenting, observing others parenting, and years of experience in the troubled teen industry.

Parenting Troubled Teens

We understand the tremendous responsibility that parenting is. We are also aware and up to date on types of help available for parents of troubled teens. We are available to assist parents via email or telephone. Parents need not feel alone, there is help and there are options available. We receive many phone calls and emails everyday from desperate parents that don’t know where to turn next. The trauma and sometimes embarrassment associated with a troubled defiant teen can seem unbearable. Give us a call or send us an email we will do our best to assist you anyway we can.

The Expense of Troubled Teen Programs

The first wall that parents seeking help for their troubled teen will be is the sheer expense of help. Troubled Teen Boarding Schools range in price from $3,000 per month to $10,000 per month. There are some less expensive options including Christian type programs. Christian programs are less expensive due in part to the tax breaks they receive. We know of some structured Christian Military style programs that begin in price at $1,800 per month. They have been in business many years and have had good success. Christian programs are the least expensive option that we are aware of. On the other end of options is the Therapeutic Boarding School, they range in price from $4,000 on up. The advantage of some of these type schools is the possibility that insurance may participate in the cost. There are some loans still available to help parents afford a placement outside of the home, for more information, give us a call.

“Knowledge does not come to us in details, but in flashes of light from heaven.” -Henry David Thoreau-