Troubled Teen Options

Parenting Teen Books

We have compiled some books that will help you become a better parent. These books contain excellent information in order for you to understand how your teen thinks and how you can communicate better with them. You can purchase them through Amazon. Just click the link and buy.

The sullen, withdrawn, sarcastic teenager. The defensive, wary, and helpless parent. This book builds a bridge between the two sides.

Learn how to parent your teens without nagging or yelling while preparing them for a responsible adulthood. A must have for every parent.

This book contains encouragement and skills parents need in order to build strong relationships with their out of control teen boy or girl.

For parents who have tried everything but still have teens who are out of control. Your Teen Is Crazy! is a funny, blunt, and reassuring book

It builds a foundation for parents by describing exactly how things have changed, takes them through the various stages their children go through

For all parents who want good, immediately applicable ideas that are effective with acting-out teenagers, this is the book for you -John Gray-