Troubled Teen Options

Parenting Teens

Parenting Teens can be a very tricky job. Most people know that the typical teen can seem bi-polar even on a good day. With all of the emotions, challenges, and pressures facing the teen of today, it is no wonder that some of them look for ways to get relief. Problems can occur when the teen chooses inappropriate ways to find relief. It is true that parenting teens can be very rewarding. Parents that have a good relationship with their teens will be the first to say how great it can be. On the flip side of the coin, parenting teens can be a nightmare if the teen decides to rebel against his or her parents. Parents that have a good relationship have a better chance at influencing their teen. Even great parents can struggle with a defiant teen. Parenting teens is not an exact science, and there is much trial and error along the way. Here are some ideas to increase the ability to effectively parent your teen:

1- Share a hobby with your teen.

2- Take a sincere interest in what they are interested in.

3- Attend everything they are involved in. Sports, drama, music.

4- Allow them to be an individual.

5- Try to understand their side and take them serious.

6- Be more involved in their life and show them that you love them.

How To Parent Teens

How many times have you heard someone say, “I wish they came with a manual?” Advice on how to parent teens can be found in many places including church, the library, school councilors, and professionals like Dr.’s. If there were one set formula on how to parent every teen affectively, there would have to be some commonality among the participants. In other word, parenting teens has many variables. The variables include single parent families, dual parent families, and mixed families, even gay and lesbian families. The teens also vary in size, age, and behaviors.

Each teen and parent have different dynamics they are dealing with. Some parents are insecure and they are trying to be accepted by their teen. Some parents don’t have any time for their teen. Some parents are more concerned about their new spouse than their teen. Some children spend their entire life trying to please their parents. Some teens don’t care what their parents think about them. In conclusion, there really are hundreds of books that can be purchased describing how to parent teens. In reality each parent and teen has to learn to work together on their relationship just like married couples do.