Troubled Teen Options

Where can a parent look for answers to help their defiant child?

In the course of a week in any admissions office coordinators receive many calls from parents frustrated and upset with the behavior of their children. We hope our site is helpful for you are you try to determine how to most effectively help your child. There are many choices regarding not only the types of placement options available, but the quality of them. Some programs may not have your teen’s best interest at heart, or they may just be too large to give individual attention.

Teen Placement is Stressful

Parents struggling with the anxiety and despair of a rebellious teen spend many hours trying to decide what to do with their children. Many parents do not even know that there is any type of help available. If you know of someone that is struggling with a troubled teen send them a link to our site. We work hard to make the entire process as easy as possible.

Teen Boot Camps

One option many parents ask about is Teen Boot Camps. This could be due in part to the quick fix Teen Boot Camps that are portrayed as on Television. They will take a defiant young person and over the course of a weekend totally transform the child into a well mannered little person. Like the commercials and other information received through the media, one has to ask themselves is it really this easy? The obvious answer is, “no” it is not. A child has been learning and developing into what they are since they were born. It is highly unlikely that they will transform into the perfect obedient child in a weekend, a week or even a month. The process usually takes about 18 months to receive the best results.