Troubled Teen Options

Preteen Camps

Sending your preteen away may be a good idea.
With more and more problems arising associated with out of control preteens, there are more and more preteen programs popping up across the country. Many parents are busy trying to make a living leaving little time left for family. In order to improve one’s standing at work, it is necessary to spend more than a typical work week of 40 hours. It is not unusual for a person to work 60 hours a week to gain favor in the sight of their superiors. Leaving children home without supervision creates problems for the children without adult oversight. It would seem that most preteen camps and preteen programs are filled with children that have been left to their on devices.

Preteen Camps and Single Parents

Preteen camps are also in business because some single parents are unable to balance the difficult task of raising a young family and keeping a job that pays above minimum wage. Typically a salaried person is expected to work more than 40 hours per week. If a single parent is trying to take care of a responsible position at work and care for young children at home, usually it is the young children at home that suffer. Of course with any scenario this is not always the case, but it is only logical that an employer will have to be pleased and preteen’s needs are left unfilled.

Preteen Camps a Last Resort

When a parent is struggling with an out of control preteen it is important to try to do everything possible before considering a preteen camp. There are several options to consider. One possibility is hiring someone to look after the preteen after school. Caution should be taken when finding someone that will take care of your little one. It is always good to obtain references when hiring someone to undertake this position. Another option is after school programs within the school or private places where kids can go after school so they are supervised. Again caution should be taken that the after school program will not put the preteen in a more dangerous situation that they would be at home. It is always good to visit the after school program and drop in unannounced from time to time.

Preteen Camps and Due Diligence

If a parent is considering placing their child in a preteen camp, it is important that the parent consider the needs of the preteen. It is important that the preteen camp the parent is considering will be an appropriate fit for their child. When it has been decided that the child will be going to a preteen camp or boarding school, it is imperative that the parent visit the school. There is nothing that can compare to an onsite visit of the program or preteen camp their child will be attending. It is always good to visit the site unannounced or earlier than arranged, so the parent can see how things work when no one is expected to be there. A preteen camp or preteen boarding school should be a last resort, nothing can replace the care and supervision of a loving parent.