Troubled Teen Options

Preteen Schools

Preteen schools can be a difficult thing to find.
There are starting to be more options for preteens, but the options are not as vast as those for troubled teens. Preteen schools specialize in boarding or educating youngsters that are not making it in a regular school setting. In some school districts there are special program for kids that are disruptive in a typical classroom setting. The causes of the disruption can range from Attention Deficit Disorder plus Hyperactivity in some cases. There seems to be an increase in diagnosis of Autism, and several other types of behavior causing illnesses.

Preteen Schools and Mental Evaluations

It is always good to have a child that is suspected to need a special type of education including a preteen school or preteen boarding school evaluated prior to doing anything drastic. In some cases a child may be able to receive the help they need with medication. Schools have been looked down on because they recommend that a child be put on Ritalin. Of course a school teacher or a Principle is not qualified to diagnose medications. A parent will want to get the opinion of a Dr. or even a second opinion prior to beginning a course of medication for their preteen. Just because a child is acting out in class does not mean that he is in need of medication. There are other factors that may be contributing to his behavior.

Preteen Schools and Lack of Attention

For some preteens acting out is simply a way of gaining the attention they are craving. If a preteen is coming from a home with one parent or a situation where both parents work a lot, they may just need some adult attention. For some kids even negative attention is better than no attention. For a child just needing attention, a teacher can become overwhelmed trying to give the needy child the attention he or she needs and still teach the remainder of the students in the class. Before parents consider placing their child in a preteen boarding school or program they should see if additional attention may help their child avoid placement.

Preteen Schools and Gifted Preteens

For some preteens acting out may be a way of indicating that they are bored. There are many intelligent young people entering the school system every year. It may be difficult to identify a gifted or above average student when they first begin school. It would be wise to have a child’s abilities evaluated if they are acting out. It may be that the child simply needs to be challenged a little more, or skipped a grade ahead. There are special preteen schools for gifted children that may be an option also. It would be a tragedy to place a child in a preteen school for behavior problem children when what they really need is a gifted program.

Choosing a Preteen School

Choosing a preteen school is a very difficult task. It is always important, even critical that a parent is certain that their child is in need of a placement prior to moving in that direction.