Troubled Teen Options

Programs for troubled teens

Programs for troubled teens vary in their scope and their focus. Quite a few teen programs are designed to strictly address the issues of young adolescent girls coping with depression issuing from rape, date rape or sexual experiences that they were emotionally incapable of handling. Peer pressure and insecurity combined with drugs and drinking make it likely that a young teen will engage in sexual activities whose ultimate affect is loneliness and depression, and alienation.


“Suicide is the third leading cause of death in adolescents. Childhood sexual assault has been linked with depression, alcohol use and violence, making it a likely risk factor for a suicide attempt. Dating violence has also been shown to be associated with depressive symptoms and multiple health compromising behaviors. Teenagers should be avoiding or postponing sexual activity, which can lead to sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy or emotional and societal responsibilities for which they are not prepared. Study shows the negative mental side effects of a teenager’s loss of virginity are confined to mainly young girls and both boys and girls who have sex earlier than their peers and whose relationships are uncommitted and ultimately fall apart. Girls are particularly vulnerable to depression.

Parents Can Help

In addition to talking to their children, parents can do many things that make a difference in whether teens start having sex… Most importantly, teens, and especially younger teens, who feel close to their mothers, are less likely to start having sex. Findings from other Add Health research have also shown that teens whose parents value education are less likely to have sex.” (Unknown Source) By Ann Walker