Troubled Teen Options

Programs for Troubled Teens

Programs for troubled teens all seek to emphasize how essential it is for parents to communicate with their teens. Too often parents automatically assume that their teen isn’t particularly predisposed to listen to parents, dismissing their counsel out of hand. But studies conclude from countless interviews with teens that parental communication was one of their main complaints Partnership for a Drug Free America has initiated a new program designed to tackle the communication confusion.

Parental Communication

“Our latest effort is a campaign called Time to Talk. Time To Talk is an important resource that helps parents have more frequent conversations with their children by providing exclusive access to tips, tools, a network of support, and free monthly e-newsletters that address conversation starters and crucial advice for living healthy, drug-free lives. Insightful, timely, and relevant content and resources will be updated and added frequently to the web site, as well. Take the time to talk with your teens. It’s worth it. Our research shows that kids who learn a lot about the risks of drugs from their parents are up to 50 percent less likely to abuse substances than those who don’t.” (Unknown Source) Parents of troubled teens need all of the resources that they can get. The Time to Talk program offers a gamut of such resources, including a forum for parents to “compare notes” and successful strategies. by Ann Walker